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Small shifts in consumer spending towards locally owned businesses can create noticeable changes in our business community.

If every household in Brandon spend just $25 of our outside spending at a local business, that would be a $78,200* boost to our local economy!

*Brandon households, 20008-2012:3,238. Source: United States Census Bureau

Spending Local Helps

  • New economic activity
  • New jobs
  • New wages

Invest in Community

Local businesses are owned by people who live in this community, are less likely to leave, and are more invested in the community’s future.

Create more Good Jobs

Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally and provide jobs to residents.

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The Brandon Valley area is growing with new businesses and services joining our community all the time. So when you’re in need of a particular product or service you might be surprised to see that a Brandon area option already exisits. Look to Brandon first, you’ll be surprised at the options available right here.

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Taxes generated by local businesses fund a large portion of a city’s budget. This translates into better parks, streets and public services, making Brandon a great place to live.

So How Can I Help My Community . . .

Shop in Brandon or purchase a gift card to a Brandon area business. Brandon Valley offers numerous local gift card options - including Brandon Bucks Gift Cards. They not only make a great gift, but are also a great way to encourage others to spend locally.

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Several businesses in our community post deals that benefit Brandon residents. View the list of deals on the Chamber’s website.

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